1. Virb just got fancy pants on us and added all these new features. Love them. 

    It’s fun to have social media buttons on my website now!

  2. Holy moly me oh my, Virb is giving away an iPad to one of it’s customers by 5pm today.

    I don’t have twitter so I’m not sure I qualify to compete for it, but maybe Tumblr counts too. Would be so awesome to win an iPad from a company I love so much. 

  3. Not much is happening around here these days. It’s been exceptionally quiet. Besides seeing ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ earlier today, I switched up my website (yes again). Since it’s Winter, I thought I’d switch it up again (with a nice bright white York Template from Virb)- moving the navigation from the top to the left column. Change is good. 


  4. Loving the new Apollo theme from Virb

    When it comes to designing and the visual aesthetic of my website, sometimes I have ADD. I will give it a complete overhaul at least once every few months. After loving the York and the Grace theme…I’m now trying their newest Apollo theme from Virb.

    I love that the images are so huge. Also I am just wondering if people will stay on the site longer now that you can see all the images at a glance with the thumbnail tiling? I really loved the horizontal scrolling but sometimes it felt like it took too long to load the images. Also this way it’s easier to view a gallery and see what’s new. 

    Going to try this one on for size :)

    Check it out http://www.bethanynauert.com

  5. When it comes to switching up the face of my website, sometimes I like to try something completely opposite of what I used to have. Today I’ve gone noir….