1. Shoebox Inn- A family owned cottage in Seaview WA

    Last weekend I had an amazing time up north in Washington State. I flew in to Portland picked up Jeff and we headed up to this little seaside town close to Astoria, called Sea View. Photographing the Shoebox for Carol and Jeff Sayre, was an awesome excuse for a four day getaway. I’ll be featuring the whole home and town as a House Tour on Apartment Therapy this week :)

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  2. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 7]

    Today was the hottest day of Summer (so far). We literally locked ourselves in the AC indoors until around 4. Then we met up with a bunch of peeps at this great bar called Dots, over near Division St. 


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  3. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 5]

    When you are out til 2 am karaoke-ing your ass off… waking up at 1pm to a full plate of blueberry pancakes is the bomb! (Raise your hand if your best friend is an excellent vegetarian chef?) So we basically didn’t do much all damn day— could of been the alcohol last night… or the fact that all we wanted to do was lay out and get our tans on. 

    We walked to the Sellwood bridge + water front park… I took a bunch of photos of the water and laid on the little boating dock. It was excellent.

    After an awesome veggie fajita dinner with Jon and his daughter Sasha… Jeff and I walked to Papa Haydn for some rad desserts. I had the Creme Brûlée and Jeff had cheesecake. 

    Basically this vacation has been about tasty food and as many green trees I can possibly stand. 

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  4. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 4]

    Yesterday, was a pretty full day. We went over to Los Gorditos for vegan Mexican food, where I swear I had the best vegan tacos of my life. In fact it has to be said: Portland’s Mexican food sort of rivals San Diego Mexican food…which usually wins me over. So shortly after eating lunch we wandered over to the little shops up the hill on Division St. We found all these rad food pods of great trucks; ice cream, bakery, tacos, grilled fish + meats…you name it it was there.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the hippest graphic designers and fellow typography enthusiasts all live in this town. Everywhere we go, all the shops, the stores, restaurants, food trucks etc….all have great “branding” with super hip logos and signs. 

    We stumbled upon the Salt & Straw ice cream cart  which was incredible. Though right after tacos, it pretty much did us in until the evening…. when we went to karaoke! We literally closed the house down. I haven’t stayed out that late in a long time, it was fun to rock. I co-sang ‘Shoop’. Good times. 

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  5. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 2]

    After sleeping in late, we made some breakfast at home and then decided to head to Cinetopia (Up in Tigard- home of Buster’s World Famous Barbecue…gross). Cinetopia is a super expensive movie theater that serves alcohol, espresso and biscotti. We saw The Dark Knight Rises and it was really disappointing the second time around. I really enjoyed the first time, but the second time not so much. This was followed by a lot of lounging around the house…then we headed out Mississippi Ave. Jeff had some awesome ice cream at Ruby Jewel and I window shopped. We later met up with Leela for a swim in the lounging pool at Kennedy School. This is an old elementary school that’s been converted into a hotel with a pool and some bars and restaurants. After this rad swim, we had a drink at the Bye and Bye, a really awesome vegan bar…that has a full menu of vegan food. Ok, so the bar is sort of hipster infested, but the grilled cheese was the bomb. 

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  6. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 1]

    Today was my first full day in Portland, and it was incredible. We had this amazing breakfast at JAM and then took a little drive through Mount Tabor. After stocking up on some groceries Jeff decided we’d bring his homemade cupcakes to Leela + Dave’s house (since they were making us dinner.) Good times indeed!

    Love this girl, miss Leela Cyd Ross

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  7. One of my favorite moments in my life, was climbing to the top of the Acropolis in Athens Greece. Seeing the Parthenon and the view from up top, is life changing. 

    (photographed in Athens Greece, Summer 2009)

  8. Two cafes in Venice Italy- photographed in Summer 2009

  9. Why am I posting photos of a trip I took three years ago? Because soon I will have a portfolio dedicated to travel and hospitality images. Reliving this vacation of a lifetime, and suffering from major wanderlust. 

    This is Positano, a small coastal town on the Amalfi Coast. And it’s the most beautiful place in the world.