1. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 4]

    Yesterday, was a pretty full day. We went over to Los Gorditos for vegan Mexican food, where I swear I had the best vegan tacos of my life. In fact it has to be said: Portland’s Mexican food sort of rivals San Diego Mexican food…which usually wins me over. So shortly after eating lunch we wandered over to the little shops up the hill on Division St. We found all these rad food pods of great trucks; ice cream, bakery, tacos, grilled fish + meats…you name it it was there.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the hippest graphic designers and fellow typography enthusiasts all live in this town. Everywhere we go, all the shops, the stores, restaurants, food trucks etc….all have great “branding” with super hip logos and signs. 

    We stumbled upon the Salt & Straw ice cream cart  which was incredible. Though right after tacos, it pretty much did us in until the evening…. when we went to karaoke! We literally closed the house down. I haven’t stayed out that late in a long time, it was fun to rock. I co-sang ‘Shoop’. Good times. 

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)