1. Norman Parkinson/ view of Taj Mahal for Vogue 1956 #photography #parisphotola @parisphotofair (at Paramount Pictures)

  2. Been shooting A LOT !! See some new work on my website BethanyNauert.com #photography #interiors #interiordesign #decor #artists #portraits #foodphotography #food

  3. Gave my website a huge update. BethanyNauert.com #photography #interiors #interiordesign #decor #artists #portraits #foodphotography #food


  4. Home of Jason Martin + Jon Brockett

    Next Monday on Apartment Therapy, a full house tour…home of designer Jason Martin and Jon Brockett…and of course their adorable Boston Terrier, Aldo.

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)

  5. Amazing photoshoot today!

    Starring Ali Cobrin + Chuck Hittinger

    Styled by Kristen Hettich

    Makeup by Regina de Lemos

    Hair by Vincent Lowell


  6. My rep Chris Armstrong has been tinkering with his new site PrimaryReps.com…and he asked me for this oddball crop size of 1600 x 600 pixels for the top front page banner.

    It’s weird to see my images with a tighter dimension, but I kind of like it. 

  7. LAST NIGHT TO VOTE on the Apartment Therapy photo contest….!

    My image of Isabelle + Brandon’s home only needs 9 votes to win….

    Vote Vote Vote…repost this and vote vote vote. 



  8. One of my most recent photoshoots at the TLofts with Natalie Younger + Sayre Ziskin showed up on Houzz.com today! Yay!

  9. My first batch of prints for my new printed portfolio. So nice to see actual prints after working forever with online publishing.

  10. Yay!! Eliot and Alexandra’s house is up on Apartment Therapy!!! 

  11. I have finally begun preparing an actual physical portfolio of my work. Along with this book, I have created a digital flip book version of this same portfolio. Well I edited down a bit for my digital version, but it’s fun to see what it will look like as you actually turn pages. 

  12. Lots of new updates, check it!


  13. When it comes to switching up the face of my website, sometimes I like to try something completely opposite of what I used to have. Today I’ve gone noir….