1. Beatriz’s fun and functional office, a tour today on Apartment Therapy!


  2. Can’t wait to share this home office in a tour next Monday on Apartment Therapy.

    Home office of Irene Lovett, Sherman Oaks CA

  3. Woot Woot!

  4. Today I photographed my friend Russell’s new office on Melrose. Home of the new and improved Poke Acupuncture. Every detail is so unique and he is super DIY, which gives the office so many personal touches. Love love love


  5. my little desk space

    Yesterday was an oddly productive day even though I didn’t “work”. One thing I’ve been wanting to do for some time is organize my desk space, or at least attempt to. I also tore down my old vision board and put up a new one. 


  6. Create This Office In Your Home

    Emily Schuman’s soft pink office is feminine, fun and perfectly functional. Here are several ways to incorporate this look into your own home office. 

    1. Find the right shade of light pink. I personally think that if you go to your local hardware store you will have plenty of options. For instance this palette of pink shades by Benjamin Moore

    2. Find the right white minimalist desk. Emily’s is the West Elm Parson’s desk, however for those who cannot or do not want too spend much, Target has their version of this desk for a steal!

    3. This luscious garland that sparkles over her desk is from Confetti System in New York. 

    4. The ghost chair is easy to find. There are many versions and replica’s available found just by doing a Google search. This Kartell Lou Lou Ghost chair is available  by All Modern.  

    5.  Finding a white antler lamp may be a bit of challenge. There were many online resources for finding a regular antler lamp, which you could purchase and paint it white yourself. If not there is this awesome one from Lamps Plus that I found via Polyvore

    6. The rolling rack in Emily’s office is a vital part of her daily life, because she blogs about fashion and has built her whole career based around style and design. The rolling rack of clothes serve as a “mood board” for her blog where she draws inspiration. Even if you’re not a fashion blogger the idea of a rolling rack in the office could still be not only fun but functional. Show off your favorite dresses, hang your winter coats, or just purses and scarves. The Rigga IKEA rolling rack only costs $15. 

    7. The Apple MacBook Pro  (starting at $1199) is a gorgeous addition to any office. Aesthetically it’s sleek and minimalist, but for anyone who spends as much time on the computer as I do- will surely know how incredible of a machine it really is. And it looks pretty on a white desk.

    8. The pink shades on Emily’s desk were really cute, so I did a little research and found these Wayfarers on Polyvore.

    9. It’s not easy to find a functional but subtle filing cabinet in white. I liked Emily’s choice that is basically handle-less and sits directly on the floor. This one I found at Crate and Barrel has the similar appeal (wheels optional). 

    10. Emily also opted for a more decorative approach to sorting files with a white metal brocade file sorter. I found an identical one at the Container Store.