1. Home of Jason Martin + Jon Brockett

    Next Monday on Apartment Therapy, a full house tour…home of designer Jason Martin and Jon Brockett…and of course their adorable Boston Terrier, Aldo.

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  2. Blythe Barger’s incredible LA home

    A couple weeks ago I visited the amazing home of Blythe Barger. This classic spanish one bedroom apartment has been curated with fun artwork, bohemian decor and bright colors. I’m so excited to share this home on Apartment Therapy this week!

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  3. Welcome to the home of Gustavo, Annette and Lola Gutierrez! A 100 year old craftsman home. 

  4. Lovely day in LA. (shot with my iPhone from Grey Stone park)

  5. Eccola Imports, Los Angeles CA

  6. what the heck is going on here?

  7. Juan Enriquez, you’re killing me with your gorgeous photos. 

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