1. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 5]

    When you are out til 2 am karaoke-ing your ass off… waking up at 1pm to a full plate of blueberry pancakes is the bomb! (Raise your hand if your best friend is an excellent vegetarian chef?) So we basically didn’t do much all damn day— could of been the alcohol last night… or the fact that all we wanted to do was lay out and get our tans on. 

    We walked to the Sellwood bridge + water front park… I took a bunch of photos of the water and laid on the little boating dock. It was excellent.

    After an awesome veggie fajita dinner with Jon and his daughter Sasha… Jeff and I walked to Papa Haydn for some rad desserts. I had the Creme Brûlée and Jeff had cheesecake. 

    Basically this vacation has been about tasty food and as many green trees I can possibly stand. 

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)