1. Decorative Garlands in Everyday Spaces

    Today on Apartment Therapy, my roundup of Decorative Garlands…enjoyed in various every day spaces!


  2. Lorena + Ryan’s retro inspired condo- House Tour

    [Shot for Apartment Therapy] full tour will be online in a couple weeks. Stay tuned!

    I met Lorena + Ryan O’Malley via Jesi + Ryan Haack, because they are friends and neighbors. Lorena and Ryan live in this awesome apartment complex in Costa Mesa, something straight out of the 1960’s. The units are built around a small pool and landscaping is reminiscent of Palm Springs. With wonderful modern and mid century touches, this two story home is bright, airy and comes complete with an adorable pup named Rex :)

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)

  3. The ultimate modern retreat!! Come visit the home I shot earlier this week for Marcia Prentice. 

    (Source: Apartment Therapy)


  4. The home of Dante McCarthy - House Tour for Apartment Therapy

    Dante McCarthy, owner of Cloud Noir, invited me in to her amazing home, last weekend. She shares a large apartment with her husband and son, where each room is beautifully accessorized. A soft mix of her handmade wood tables, and her father’s paintings- the home lends it’s style to retro accessories and dashes of bright color here and there. 

    Stay tuned for a full house tour on Apartment Therapy next week!


  5. Anna and AJ’s T Loft (Designed by Younger & Ziskin)- Home Tour

    Anna and AJ have are the first residents in this brand new loft apartment. They have taken on the task of giving it a full makeover for new decor and furnishings, and the brains behind the operation are the interior design duo are Natalie Younger and Sayre Ziskin of YoungerandZiskin.com. Each modern angle of the home is accented and appreciated with sleek and warm textures. There is great subtle lighting that reaches each corner, and there are dark wood finishes that add the extra level of sophistication. 

    Additionally the T Lofts are all made of eco friendly, recycled and green materials. They are designed for smart landscape architecture and energy efficiency. 

    Full house tour to follow on Apartment Therapy very soon!

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)


  6. Corina Kramer’s Hollywood Glamour- House Tour for Apartment Therapy

    Corina’s traditional Hollywood casita, has retained it’s original charm with her excellent decorating skills. Not only is she exceptionally talented about nailing the old Hollywood Glamour appeal, but she does it all on a second hand budget. Her attention to detail and lighting give every inch of her little apt so much beauty. I cannot wait to share the full tour this next week with you. Stay tuned for Apartment Therapy, it will be up Thursday!


  7. If you have to admire someone’s home today… I hope it’s Philip + Leona’s.

     I’m so excited it’s finally up on Apartment Therapy today. These two have created a minimalist, but warm modern loft. And with 2000 square feet to play with…. they sure have risen to the challenge. P.S. If Leona ever invites you over for dinner- don’t miss out. Her cookin is damn good.


  8. Eccola Imports- Store Profile

    Last month we saw Kathleen + Maurizio Almanza’s incredible home… now lets take a tour of their fabulous store. Located right in the heart of the Beverly design district, they have created vintage and contemporary pieces that are unique in any home. 

    Feature by Marcia Prentce, photos by yours truly :)


  9. Creative Space: Alissa Carlton’s sewing studio (for Apartment Therapy)

    When I began shooting a book project with Alissa last month, I knew I wanted to do a tour of her cute little studio. Her house sits in the quiet back hills of Silverlake, where she and her husband live right next to her twin sister’s home. (Cate’s house tour is coming up soon). Alissa works in film and tv casting, but her real love is quilting!

    Not only did she start a modern quilting guild, she also has a book coming out this year!

    Follow Alissa’s blog here: http://www.handmadebyalissa.com

    For more info on her book Block Party, go here. 

    Official posting will be on Apartment Therapy this coming Thursday. Stay Tuned!


  10. Oh Baby!

    Friday morning I shot a baby nursery with Marcia Prentice, for her featured nursery tour on Ohdeedoh (Apartment Therapy’s site dedicated all to baby + kids.) The full tour will be on the site soon.


  11. Amazing bedrooms with Simple White Bedding!

    Again, in the spirit of bedroom month at Apartment Therapy, this today I’m featuring beds with white bedding. White bedding is always timeless and classy. 

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)


  12. Jesi + Ryan Haack- Apartment Therapy House Tour

    Jesi and Ryan Haack are a duo of creative amazingness! They live in this cute 2 bedroom house in Costa Mesa with their son Jonah and 4 month old son Maverick.

    Jesi is a stylist who focuses her talents on styling wedding shoots and parties, while Ryan is photographer shooting everything from portraits to weddings. 

    We visited their office last week, HERE.

    I loved their warm use of woods and soft textures, and wonderful touches of vintage throughout the home. Plus it’s so cool to see how Jesi re-purposes her props into their home, like curtains that were once a table cloth, or clouds in the childrens room. 

    The official tour will be on Apartment Therapy next week, stay tuned!


  13. 20 Questions with Marcia Prentice

    Last June Bethany got a call from a really nice guy named Anthony, who wanted to hire her for some help with Blogspot and a few other blogs. At their meeting he told her of his girlfriend Marcia, who was just recently hired by Apartment Therapy… Yes of course!!! "SIGN ME UP" 

    The first shoot Marcia and Bethany did together was an installation and curated gallery with Brooks Hudson Thomas for Specific Merchandise on Beverly.Since then they have collaborated on 35 shoots together, all homes, showrooms, designers and architects. In the past 8 months Marcia has been featured on numerous blogs and is often recognized for her show Design School which aired last year on HGTV. 

    After recently shooting Lawson-Fenning,  Marcia noted that people repeatedly remark how much fun the two of them have together. Therefore, Bethany thought it would be fun to sit Marcia down for 20 Questions. 

    1. Hello Marcia, how are you today? Great! I feel so lucky to live such an exciting life and share it all with you, Miss Bethany.

    2. What did you eat for lunch? Hmm… oatmeal and ginger candies. Random, I know. This is what happens when you don’t want to take a break from work.

    3. What’s your astrological sign? Leo…watch out - I am bold, rebellious, and often stubborn.

    4 How did you get your start in Interior Design? Flipping my first home with my father when I was 24 years old.

    5. Appreciation and admiration of architecture and interior design go hand in hand…. who are some of your favorite designers and architects? And why? Interior designer -  Philippe Starck: love his mix of modern and European historical. His interiors are unexpected and have a deeper meaning than what appears on the surface. Architects - I have a huge list of my favorite architects, but my most recent architect crush is local Los Angeles architect Barbara Bestor. I love her use of raw materials mixed in with bright, bold colors.

    6. If you weren’t an interior designer/blogger/reality tv personality…. what career would you want to pursue? Day trader on Wall Street

    7. What inspires you daily? Not just in design…but in general? I am inspired everyday when I shop at Whole Foods. I love feeling the texture of fruit, the raw colors of vegetables, and the idea of creating art through food presentation.

    8. You wear four inch stillettos to every shoot, someone taught you well? I have always worn heals. It started when I was 13 because I believe every moment is an opportunity to be proud of being a woman. You may catch me in jeans and a t-shirt, but never without heels.

    9. Typical Friday night you are… Working! Such is my life, but I love it.

    10. A question you often get to ask others…. What is your dream source? Ah…so many! We shoot so many different stores that it is really hard to chose. If I must chose, it would be B&B Italia on an unlimited budget.

    11. What are some of your favorite spots in Los Angeles? Runyun Canyon, Whole Foods, and Zuma Beach in Malibu

    12. If you were a Ben and Jerry’s flavor what would you be called? Guilty Pleasure

    13. When you see an empty room and are asked to complete the task of designing it from start to finish…what is the first thing you begin with? Ask lots of questions to determine the client’s vision.

    14. What is your favorite thing to furnish in your house? Meaning…do you love shopping for your living room, maybe new flatware, perhaps you love re-doing your bathroom? I love to shop for small kitchen accessories - new dish towels, flatware, tea cups, etc.

    15. Have I ever told you you’d be a great flight attendant? Oh yes! As I kid I considered being a flight attendant when I grew up, but my mother told me that I was not tall enough to be able to see over the seats. Bummer! Killed that dream.

    16. What is your most memorable house tour to date? You are definitely putting me on the spot. The most memorable house tour was the home of restauranteur Steven Arroyo. Steven had such a refined eye for decor and a big personality to match!!

    17. What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced in your career? My biggest challenge to date in my design career was gutting and completely redesigning a 2000 square foot condo in only 3 months with little to no sleep. A big thanks to my whole family for chipping in at the end!

    18. Who and what inspires you? Anthony Miner inspires me everyday! He has been such a huge support and fan from the day I met him over 8 years ago. Everyday he strives for his best and pushes me further than I ever imagined I could go.

    19. What song will be the next soundtrack to your next dance video? Great question! How about “The Flame” by The Black Keys that you just recently added to your Tumblr playlist.

    20. Which designer has had the most impact on your style? and/ or career? I am always checking in with Brooks Hudson Thomas, the owner of Specific Merchandise. He is an incredible curator of design and I find our styles to be very similar.



  14. The home of Architect Steven Shortridge- House Tour

     Steven Shortridge’s breakfast table, shot for Apartment Therapy House Tour, with Marcia Prentice


  15. Lawson-Fenning, Store Profile

    Today I shot a store tour for Marcia’s profile on Lawson-Fenning. With two locations, one on Beverly and one on Silverlake Blvd, these two have Los Angeles cool covered. They offer a bit everything, lamps, couches, arm chairs, books, sofas… Some is restored vintage and some is replica. A great fine mix of Mid Century Modern, industrial minimalist and some Hollywood Regency (All three my favorite!).

     7257 Beverly Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90036

    1618 Silverlake Boulevard Los Angeles CA 90026

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)