1. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 7]

    Today was the hottest day of Summer (so far). We literally locked ourselves in the AC indoors until around 4. Then we met up with a bunch of peeps at this great bar called Dots, over near Division St. 


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  2. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 6]

    Most of today, involved food and leisure. Big surprise, I know! Jeff spent the morning cooking stuff  (lemon poppyseed cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting) for the barbecue we later on attended. I went for a long walk around Sellwood (his neighborhood) and fell in love with all the gorgeous houses and impressive gardens. Later on we went to an incredible barbecue, celebrating one of Jeff’s friend Mary’s 50th bday. The hosts of the party lived on this half acre lot with a full sized house and a little studio guest house…plus a fully blooming vegetable garden, apple trees, a real fire pit, barbecue… plus a really cute pink picnic table and matching benches.


  3. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 5]

    When you are out til 2 am karaoke-ing your ass off… waking up at 1pm to a full plate of blueberry pancakes is the bomb! (Raise your hand if your best friend is an excellent vegetarian chef?) So we basically didn’t do much all damn day— could of been the alcohol last night… or the fact that all we wanted to do was lay out and get our tans on. 

    We walked to the Sellwood bridge + water front park… I took a bunch of photos of the water and laid on the little boating dock. It was excellent.

    After an awesome veggie fajita dinner with Jon and his daughter Sasha… Jeff and I walked to Papa Haydn for some rad desserts. I had the Creme Brûlée and Jeff had cheesecake. 

    Basically this vacation has been about tasty food and as many green trees I can possibly stand. 

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  4. Travel Diary: Portland, Oregon [Day 4]

    Yesterday, was a pretty full day. We went over to Los Gorditos for vegan Mexican food, where I swear I had the best vegan tacos of my life. In fact it has to be said: Portland’s Mexican food sort of rivals San Diego Mexican food…which usually wins me over. So shortly after eating lunch we wandered over to the little shops up the hill on Division St. We found all these rad food pods of great trucks; ice cream, bakery, tacos, grilled fish + meats…you name it it was there.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the hippest graphic designers and fellow typography enthusiasts all live in this town. Everywhere we go, all the shops, the stores, restaurants, food trucks etc….all have great “branding” with super hip logos and signs. 

    We stumbled upon the Salt & Straw ice cream cart  which was incredible. Though right after tacos, it pretty much did us in until the evening…. when we went to karaoke! We literally closed the house down. I haven’t stayed out that late in a long time, it was fun to rock. I co-sang ‘Shoop’. Good times. 

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  5. Travel Diary: Portland Oregon [Day 3]

    This was probably one of the most perfect afternoons I’ve ever had. Until my shoes began to give me blisters. We went downtown to a couple of design shops then headed to the Pearl district to go hiking up in Forest Park. This is about 5 miles roundtrip, and the peak ends at the top where Pittock Mansion is situated. There is an incredible North East view of Portland from up there. After we made it down the hill again, we treated ourselves to some yummy pastries at St. Honorè on Thurman at NW 23rd. I recommend their iced Americano as well. 

    Later on after I took a little siesta, our friend Jon came over with his daughter. Jeff cooked us a yummy dinner and we tried his homemade Summer brew. 

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