1. DIY Mason Jar Display Wall, designed by Emily Henderson.

    Wanna know how she did it, go HERE !


  2. Chad’s eclectic converted garage!

    A few weeks ago my friends Bianca Benitez and Rob Sinclair told me about their friend Chad Peacock, who had just finished a rad DIY makeover to his garage. Living in a guest house, he was lucky enough to have access and given the permission to makeover the garage. He created an additional living space. 

    Sneak peek of his home that will be up with a full tour on Apartment Therapy next week.

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)

  3. Sneak peek: Chad Peacock’s converted garage space.

    Here’s a homeowner who decided to embrace an empty garage and put it to good use…creating a fully functional living space (with screen projector), a lofted bed, and full dining room, and office nook. He basically created a second living space in addition to the home he lives in. Total DIY makeover. 

  4. Last year, in February 2011 I teamed up with modern quilter Alissa Carlton to shoot her new book. The book “Modern Minimal” is now finally on sale at Amazon, and I’m excited to share the pictures. 

    This was one the funnest projects I worked on and the book turned out beautifully.

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)


  5. Adam + Daniel’s Crafty Downtown Loft- Apartment Therapy House Tour

    Adam and Daniel have created a nature inspired industrial loft, with a flare for DIY charm. They have two cats and an adorable puppy named Otto. Vinyl records, bottled planters, drafting tables with yards of fabric - are just a few of the personal effects that make this house a home. I love their use of color on the walls that has kept the 900 square foot space homey and warm. 

    A full tour will be on Apartment Therapy in two weeks. 

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)


  6. Giving purpose to re-purposed materials

    Though my personal style is not industrial or as organic as some of these impressive creations… I certainly do love to see how innovative homeowners and store owners get with their design. Salvaging wood, steel, glass, what not…. look what they have done. It’s quite inspiring :)

    Philip Sumner and that incredible 2000 square feet- he built this 12 foot shelf out of reclaimed wood.

    Lauren and Danny hunted down some old retro wood crates, re-finished them and then installed them as shelves in their DIY display unit. Additionally, they’ve built their counter space around old wood slats and another old crate.

    Dante McCarthy has an entire collection of stunning handmade wood tables all made out of recycled materials. 

    Riley Rea of Croft House, has built his whole concept around reclaimed wood and steel. This credenza is a prime example of how industrial design can also be elegant design. 


  7. Do It Yourself: Crafty Valentine’s Ideas!

    Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and some of you are probably still looking for the perfect gift or way to tell someone special how you feel about them. In this budget conscious economy, it’s best not to buy someone a gift just because you feel like you have to. When it comes to sentimental gifts from the heart, I say go back to basics. This week I visited Portola Paints to create some colorful vases for several arrangements of flowers. 

    I have always been quite traditional when it comes to Valentine’s Day. I think flowers are the simplest way to show love, gratitude and appreciation of someone. A gorgeous bouquet and a simple card will always be classic in romance.  Do you remember in grade school when you would get to cut and paste your Valentines with construction paper and a glue stick? 

    With a few short steps you could take a very basic gift and give it a whole new life. I visited the awesome people at Portola paints, for a step by step Valnetine’s Day project. We took recycled plastic and glass bottles and turned them into colorful vases for various assortments of flowers for any occasion.

    Gather together your recycled glass and plastic bottles. Collect a few yards of various ribbons. Start brainstorming which colors you may want to work with. For home made cards all you need is a few sheets of construction paper, scissors and a glue stick. 

    Create a color scheme that coordinates your ribbon, with your flowers and this way you can choose the right color for the paint.

    You will need to prime the bottles before adding the paint. 

    After you have covered the bottles with primer, you can add your first coat of paint. Next you will want to wait for the paint to dry completely, and if necessary add a second coat. To speed up the drying process, you can use hair dryer.  Once paint is dry add the selected ribbons by tying them around the base of the bottle, sometimes it’s cute to double layer them for a multi-colored look.

    Trim the flowers and fill up the bottle with about 2 inches of water…. and there you have it! A simple, affordable and sentimental gift for your Valentine…. or for anyone on any special occasion. 

    (Source: bethanynauert.com)