1. Joshua Alvarenga’s home in Korea Town

    Thank you Leslie Landis for this awesome recommendation. I’m so excited for this house tour, it’s such an awesome house!! Home of Joshua Alvarenga. Soon to be on Apartment Therapy next week!

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  2. Tommy Chambers’ + Todd Kusy’s home is up today on Apartment Therapy :)


  3. Inside the home of Tommy Chambers + Todd Kusy

    Sneak Peek: Tommy and Todd live in a great duplex flat in West Hollywood. Tommy is an interior designer and has built his business in the unit next door. A super cool super functional home and office! House tour is going to be up on Wednesday, office tour will be up next week!

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  4. One of my favorite moments in my life, was climbing to the top of the Acropolis in Athens Greece. Seeing the Parthenon and the view from up top, is life changing. 

    (photographed in Athens Greece, Summer 2009)

  5. Two cafes in Venice Italy- photographed in Summer 2009

  6. Mykonos, Greece- photographed Summer of 2009.

     Yes, it really does look like that (incredibly bright and dreamy.)

  7. Yay!! Eliot and Alexandra’s house is up on Apartment Therapy!!! 


  8. Eliot + Alexandra’s 1890’s Farmhouse

    Sneak Peek: I’m so excited, tomorrow on Apartment Therapy, my first house tour feature of the year…The home of Eliot + Alexandra Angle, who live in the first home ever built in Los Feliz. It’s in the center of city block, hidden from the world, but boasts an incredible  yard and refurbished cottage and barn house. 

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  9. …Oh, you know… designing some new promotional postcards to send to Art Buyers, Agencies, Magazines, Editors etc. I’m excited for the new year and all the possible new clients I could gain. I am really excited at the opportunity to expand my client list possibly to the East Coast? Any excuse to go to New York (esp for work) is fine with me. 

    Okay, bye.

  10. Mark Knowles’ home is a Mid Century lover’s playground

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  11. Back in September I did a quick shoot for Eccola Imports on Beverly. Here is one of my favorite images from the shoot. 

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  12. Inside a model home: John Coulter’s Spanish Casa

    John Coulter is a Los Angeles based model, with a background in Illustration and performing arts. He’s living in his dream house right in the heart of LA- A gorgeous Spanish style one bedroom home. Complete with an eat in kitchen and mid sized back yard, this home is charming as ever. He has collected artwork and decor from his travels around the world, integrating with his love of design and his own artistic projects. I also appreciate that while he has imported lighting from Europe, he also has garden accessories from Target. He’s honed in on his knack for luxury shopping at bargain prices.

  13. I joined designer Natalie Younger downtown at her Godson’s new bedroom, which she designed. This adorable bedroom was designed with a colorful palette, imagination, and functionality in mind. I wish I was a kid again :) Because everyone deserves a tent in their bedroom!

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  14. Lots of new updates, check it!


  15. Giovan + Chloe Polanco’s loft tour is up today on Apartment Therapy. Come see a newlywed’s DTLA urban vintage loft, with plenty of DIY heaven.