1. Merisa Libbey’s playful modern apartment in Silver Lake

    So excited about Merisa Libbey’s apartment tour to morrow on Apartment Therapy. She has the epitome of DIY charm and has really brought a thoughtfulness into her cozy home.

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  2. Home of Ricardo Quintero

    Right before I left for Portland I shot this incredibly stylish studio apartment in West Hollywood. Ricardo Quintero loves Mid Century Modern nostalgia and design…and with under 450 square feet his home is a perfect retreat. I’m so excited to share this home on Apartment Therapy next Monday!

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  3. Joshua Alvarenga’s home in Korea Town

    Thank you Leslie Landis for this awesome recommendation. I’m so excited for this house tour, it’s such an awesome house!! Home of Joshua Alvarenga. Soon to be on Apartment Therapy next week!

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  4. Max Gough’s eclectic West Hollywood apt

    Max Gough is awesome, and so is his cat Bruno! I photographed his house weeks ago and finally it will be on Apartment Therapy on Monday. A fun mix of color, textures and artwork!

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  5. Kevin Mincin’s awesome house tour on Apartment Therapy! 


  6. Home of Mags Teskey + Jill Regan

    Sneak Peek: Another wonderful SF house tour I shot when I was in the Bay Area a few weeks ago. So excited to share this lovely home, owned by Mags Teskey (president of Taste Catering) and her partner Jill Regan (creative director). 

    Thanks to Yigit Pura for introducing us!

    Full tour coming to Apartment Therapy in a couple weeks.

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  7. Bill Birmingham’s cozy SF apartment

    View it at Apartment Therapy here

    While in SF I shot the cozy humble home of Bill Burmingham. Thanks to Jennifer Santillana for connecting us :)

  8. Winner of Top Chef Just Desserts, Chef Yigit Pura, gives us a tour of his new condo in SF. 

    Still a work a progress, he is happy to have this lovely place to call home for he and his puppy Maui. 

  9. I am so so so excited to share this home I photographed in Cole Valley (San Francisco, CA). Home of Mags Teskey (Of Taste Catering) and her partner Jill ! 

    More to come soon! 


  10. Jody’s Warm Contemporary Condo

    A couple weeks ago I joined Natalie Younger at this lovely condo in Marina Del Rey. Home owner Jody Curtin aimed to have a clutter free, modern but warm organic flow to her home. I love the natural light that pours in softly from each window, and her choice in paint colors and furniture bring out the softness of her home. 

    This full tour will be on Apartment Therapy in a few weeks, but here is a little preview!

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  11. The elegant Runyon Canyon home of E! News Host Robbie Laughlin. Today on Apartment Therapy!

  12. Robbie Laughlin’s small one bedroom apartment sits at the foothills of a gorgeous canyon and is absolutely regal in design. (Thanks to Craig Olsen for referring me to him.) 

    *click the photos to see them bigger

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  13. Home of Tom Andrews, Los Angeles CA.

    I love how seamlessly he merges all these different styles together. Industrial, mid century modern, peppered with organic natural textures.