1. This is not a fashion blog that I operate here. It’s a digital diary, mostly about my photography, and the admiration of other’s work (other photographers, other writers, artists etc). 

    But it would be a freakin’ crime if I didn’t blog about THESE.

    A few months ago I was out to lunch with Mom, and I saw a girl wearing the most incredibly perfect dark rinse skinny jean. She turned and I saw they were Levi’s. Needless to say, I’ve been stalking the Levi’s website ever since. Man have they evolved since the classic 501’s :) Yesterday, I was downtown on State St with my Visa Gift Card and went into Macy’s (because they are ALWAYS having some sort of sale) and in the Juniors department of all places— I found my Levi’s. For whatever they have no Levi’s in the Women’s department, only Juniors?? So what, I found the Levi’s 535 Denim Leggings, which honestly aren’t leggings they just have 2% Elastin for stretch. They look and feel like normal denim. I don’t normally get all geeked up about a pair of jeans, but I have always had a hard time finding perfect fitting pants. When something fits you like a glove, and it’s the first thing you tried on in the store, and they were discounted to $37 (YAY MACY’S)… you’ve got to blog about it. 

    Something else that’s awesome; Levi’s are sold not only at their own store but in major department stores too…so unlike trendy denim brands that have their seasonal one hit wonder… you’ll always be able to go back and buy more.

    *Disclaimer: don’t let that skinny bitch up top fool you. I wear sizes 10 and 12, my legs aren’t that long, and my stomach is not that flat…but seriously they are the most flattering jeans I’ve ever owned. 

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