1. 😍☕️ (at Lord Windsor)

  2. Stopped by the incredible @ornhansen and picked up another hat. Because i needed more hats. @yellow108

  3. Swing low, work hard. That’s @sallybreer ‘s motto today on @sousstyle i mean who doesn’t want a swing in their office? #offices #workspace #interiors #interiordesign #decor


  4. Just found out this shoot I did with @em_henderson last year was published in Redbook 👊😉hooray!!! #interiors #interiordesign #decor

  5. @localfixture in Whittier CA

  6. Thank you for having me @localfixture what a rad store! (at LOCAL FIXTURE)

  7. 'Lucky liking where you work.' Quick little office visit with @sallybreer

  8. Had so much fun today in New York with you Lauren!! @laurenpieri #parisphotola (at Paramount Pictures)

  9. Norman Parkinson/ view of Taj Mahal for Vogue 1956 #photography #parisphotola @parisphotofair (at Paramount Pictures)

  10. Ken Gonzalez-Day #parisphotola @parisphotofair

  11. Gordon Parks, Alabama 1956 @parisphotofair #parisphotola (at Paramount Pictures)

  12. @parisphotofair #parisphotola (at Paramount Pictures)

  13. Loved this diptych by Brandon Lattu @parisphotofair #parisphotola

  14. William Eggleston. #parisphotola (at Paramount Studios)

  15. Lauren’s first trip to New York @laurenpieri (at New York Street, Paramount Studios)