1. 92 degrees and sweaty with a lovely sunset.

  2. 💃💃💃💃💃

  3. On my way back to Penn Station on 5th Ave I stumbled upon this gorgeousness / Toby’s Estate & The Strand (at Fifth Avenue)

  4. This is what I’d look like if i had a baby and a bulldog. But I have neither so I visited them both today at @nmpiken ‘s home. So happy to meet baby Sylvie

  5. New York, you make my heart sing.

  6. The Suburbs

  7. Made a new friend on my walk this evening

  8. Randolph, NJ

  9. Randolph, NJ

  10. Just a few days ago in Portofino.

  11. Congratulations to @lenadunham for this wonderful write up this am in the NY Times Magazine. I’m excited for her new book.

  13. Wish I could eat breakfast here for the rest of my life

  14. Good morning from Sanremo. So sad to leave today.

  15. Jenny Bernheim of @margoandme and her adorable sidekick! On @domainehome today 😍