1. Rem dawg for days @kristentola

  2. This little food bloggin lady is finally getting her portrait done! @steamednotfried @kristentola

  3. Glad you are alive

  4. This is a savory squash pie by Flake. Delicious. (at Flake: a pop-up pie shop)

  5. Stumbled upon this coffee shop and decided I need to visit Atwater Village more (at True & Brave Roasters)

  6. So much fun shooting the Tacori feature today. All about LA 😍 (at Republique)

  7. #interiors #design #vscocam (at Republique)

  8. 😍😍😍😍 (at Republique)

  9. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. (at Oceana Beach Club Hotel)

  10. Such a little gem // #theoceana #santamonica #hotels #interiordesign #interiors (at Oceana Beach Club Hotel)

  11. Golden Hour Sunday Bliss (at Silver Lake Reservoir & Meadow Loop)

  12. A recent shoot in Beachwood Canyon that I did with Sally Breer. Such an incredible Spanish Colonial home with a lot of character. 

  13. @_nickmiller raises good questions

  14. Sunday with Neutra (at Silver Lake Meadow)

  15. Home of @corimagee #homes #apartments #livingroom #design #interiordesign #interiors #decor